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Why Alkaline Water?

Studies have shown that drinking alkaline water has numerous health benefits for your body. Unlike ALL the tap and bottled water that we are accustomed to drinking that have NO health benefits because they are acidic (PH below 7), alkaline water is completely different. So now you ask the question as to why this is the case? Well that's an easy answer, because we are either miss informed, brainwashed or just don't care what we are putting in our bodies. An adult human body is made of relatively about 65% water so wouldn't you think what we drink is important? Yes, it's VERY important and below you will find more info:

Flaws of

Acidic Water

  • #1 cause of aging
  • Doesn't eliminate free radicals that cause cancer, diabetics, etc
  • Enhanced oxidation reduction potential
  • Makes digestions difficult leading to
  • possible constipation
  • Causes redness and irritation to eyes when pH level is below 4
  • Causes extensive and irreversible damage to the skin cells that detect sensation
  • No effect of calcium absorption
  • Causes skin, eye and mucous membrane irritation
  • A four-fold increase in the risk of childhood onset type-1 diabetes
  • Cause extensive and irreversible damage to the skin cells

Benefits of

Alkaline Water

* Antioxidant properties

  • aid in developing cancer resistance
  • quicker absorption at cellular level
  • anti-disease properties/aging

* Detoxification

  • removes acid waste and toxins accumulated in your body from the environment,  prescription drugs, and unnatural foods

* Cleansing Features

  •  organs; particularly the colon

* Increased energy and metabolism

* Enhances Immune System

  •  less susceptible to stomach viruses, flu's, colds, and other illnesses that are common

*Lubricates muscles and joints

  • aids arthritis & stopping injuries

* Neutralizes acid in bloodstream

  • increases oxygen level

Type of

Water Ionizer Using

Bawell Platinum Fountain Water Ionizer 2195

  • PH Range: 3.0 to 11.0; 12.0 Capable
  • ORP Range: +600 to -800
  • 3 stage external pre-filtration system
  • Internal Dual Filtration Technology
  • Made w/ BPA free FDA approved food grade plastic components
  • Electrolytic antibacterial system
  • Cleaning: Automatic Reverse Cleaning every start up and Shutdown
  • Touchscreen LCD Controls
  • Water Flow Rate: 1 gallon every 30 seconds
  • 7 solid titanium platinum coated plates: 144 square Inches Total Surface Area
  • Voice indication with adjustable voice volume
  • A rated Better Business Bureau Accredited Company



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