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Incredible Benefits of Alkaline Water

Nowadays there are so many products that offer water with a high pH, including alkaline water. Then what is alkaline water? Alkaline water is water that has a pH level (power of Hydrogen) above 8. High pH levels in alkaline water make this water is more alkaline than normal water. Naturally, alkaline water is very beneficial for the body health, which is to balance the acidity levels in the body. This is the difference between alkaline water and normal water:


Alkaline water has 8 or 9 pH.

Regular water generally has 6 to 7 pH.

Benefits of High pH Level


Alkaline water refers to its pH level. A pH level is a number that indicates how much acidic or alkaline a substance on a scale of 0-14. Anything with a pH of 1 is very acidic, and anything with a pH of 13 will be strongly alkaline.


Alkaline water has a pH level higher than normal drinking water. Therefore, some believe advocates of alkaline water can neutralize acid in the body. Normal drinking water generally has neutral, that is 7 pH. The alkaline water generally has 8 or 9 pH.

Alkaline water can help:


Neutralize the acid in the bloodstream, it affects the increased oxygen levels and increase energy. The fact that 80 percent of food and beverages that we consume every day is a producer of acid molecules, by consuming alkaline water, the body will remain healthy because the acid levels in the body will remain balanced.

Several studies were mentioned that pH alkaline water has other benefits for the body, such as antioxidants that against free radicals, digestive system, prevent osteoporosis, maintain healthy skin and so on. Besides the alkaline water can also help increase metabolism and reduce levels of acidity in the bloodstream so that later the body’s absorption of nutrients will be faster.

Regularly consuming alkaline water will make the body healthy and protected from various threats. You can make your own alkaline water, but you have to be careful in measuring. Or, if you don’t want to make it by yourself, you can buy alkaline water in containers that you can consume it directly.

Article from drhealthbenefits

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